06.10.2016 15:43

ERASMUS+ Free Online Training now available!

Register now and start your own project

Would you like to …
…boost your CV and enhance your job opportunities?
…start your own project in the field of Mental Health Care?
…become part of an international training network?

Register now for our free online training!
ComMent – “Training in community mental healthcare” is a three year Erasmus+ project funded by the EU. It aims on improving mental health care by building up new community-based projects.

How do I benefit from the training?
- Open access, free training
- Receive enhanced level of qualification & job opportunities
- Skills in business management, leadership, person-centered care and many more
- One-2-one mentoring and guidance by experts from all over Europe
- Become part in international training network
- Get a Certificate (60 ECVET points)
- Take first steps to starting your own (social entrepreneurial) project

Register now: e-learning.comment-project.eu/login !


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