Campaign Material

In the context of EAAD, different kinds of information and campaign material has been prepared to take action on the four intervention levels " General public: Depression awareness campaign", "Primary care and mental health care", "Community facilitators and stakeholders" and "Patients, high-risk groups and relatives".

In the initial phase of EAAD, already available training concepts and information material have been pooled, evaluated by an expert group and again distributed among the network partners. Examples of “best practice” have compiled within the catalogue of EAAD campaign material.

In a next step approved training packages addressing different target groups, leaflets, posters and other information material such as videotapes, a CD-ROM and a cinema spot have been translated in different European languages, adapted to regional requirements, produced and disseminated in EAAD intervention regions.

PR Poster campaign material in various European countries is a brand and initiative of the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD).

The iFightDepression website and online self-management tool were co-funded by the Health Programme of the European Union.