Project Framework

Sharing our experience

The main focus of the EAAD project was to initiate community-based intervention programs using the 4-level approach on a regional and national level in 17 European countries. Therefore the concept was complemented with existing materials and experiences of the EAAD project partners. In a first step of the project available information material and training concepts have been collected on international level and examples of best practice have been evaluated by an expert group. A catalogue of EAAD campaign material has been compiled, listing posters, leaflets, video tapes, cinema spot, evaluation instruments and training packages for use on international level. For this purpose they have been translated and adapted to national specifics. Special emphasis has been put on a common optical characteristic in order to keep the common public face of the EAAD project as a Europe-wide initiative. All EAAD project partners get together in regular meetings in order to coordinate the activities in the different countries, to exchange the practical experiences in a “knowledge pool” and to combine forces Europe-wide.

Fig 1.: Overview of tasks to establish a regional intervention programme
Fig 1.: Overview of tasks to establish a regional intervention programme

Building up the Alliance

During the first phase of the EAAD project (April 2004 – December 2005) an international network of cooperating partners representing 15 European regions has been established. In 2004 this network started to implement regional interventions following a common strategic approach and using comparable material. In 2006, two further partners joined the EAAD network (from Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

The establishment of the intervention program on regional level comprises the following steps:

To account for the different stages of preparation and experiences on regional level, different participation models have been defined for EAAD. These different participation models open the project for regions at the very beginning of conceptualizing a 4-level intervention program as well as for regions which are already prepared to run the complete program. This gives EAAD a highly flexible character able to respond to changing needs of the partners.

Within the second project phase (January 2006 – June 2008) the regional interventions expanded to nation-wide initiatives in the participating countries, to include further European partners into the Alliance and to establish an umbrella organization in order to obtain a sustainable improvement of the care of depressed patients in Europe.

Fig 2.: Overview: Alliances against depression (2000-2014)
Fig 2.: Overview: Alliances against depression (2000-2014) is a brand and initiative of the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD).

The iFightDepression website and online self-management tool were co-funded by the Health Programme of the European Union.