Examples of other alliances across the world


The Alliance Against Depression (AAD) has been brought to Western Australia by WA Primary Health Alliance and is currently being implemented in the Suicide Prevention Trial Sites in Perth South and the Midwest. Find further information here: https://phexchange.wapha.org.au/


In Austria, there are currently 3 regions working under the framework of the Austrian Alliance Against Depression, coordinated by pro mente tirol. Find further information here: http://www.buendnis-depression.at/


The promising evaluation results of the Nuremberg Alliance against Depression triggered the interest of other German regions, adopting the concept of the four-level intervention as well as the intervention materials for regional alliances against depression. Meanwhile over 80 regions in Germany have started own four-level interventions within the German Alliance against Depression. Find further information here: https://www.deutsche-depressionshilfe.de/ueber-uns/das-buendnis

Italy/South Tyrol

Since the beginning of 2017, the EOS Rentsch Haus has had regular working meetings, conferences and training courses with EAAD partners from Germany and abroad to continue the work in South Tyrol. Find further information here: http://eos-genossenschaft.bz/eaad/ueber-uns/


The EAAD program is to be introduced in The Netherlands from 2017 onwards. The implementation started in seven Dutch pilot regions where each region is designated as a Suicide Prevention Action NETwork (SUPRANET). Find further information here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5409550/

Information on other alliances across the globe will follow shortly.

www.ifightdepression.com is a brand and initiative of the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD).

The iFightDepression website and online self-management tool were co-funded by the Health Programme of the European Union.