Become a Regional Alliance against Depression

Are you interested in getting involved in our work?

You are always welcome to become an EAAD partner and to establish a regional alliance. In Germany, there are over 70 regional alliances that work very successfully - The German coordination centre can always be asked for support through the EAAD coordination centre as they look back at many years of experience. In general, you or your institution should at first contact the National Chapter in your country. They will support you with materials and advisory service. If there is no National Chapter please contact the EAAD coordination centre.

Who can establish a regional alliance?

Different people or institutions may have the idea to get involved in depression and suicide prevention: self-help groups, hospitals, social services, therapists, GPs, relatives of persons concerned and many more.

In most cases it is important to know that lots of volunteering work is needed!

It is important to keep in mind that usually a regional alliance can be started successfully if everybody involved likes to work together and traditional hierarchies do not exist – everybody is appreciated.

To work in an interdisciplinary team from the start is a further important key aspect. If you can establish a mixed team consisting of physicians, psychologists, priests etc. from the beginning you will see that your chances will be higher to achieve a good working network which is necessary to realize the idea of the EAAD 4-level method.

How to start?

At the beginning the initiators of the new regional alliances might ask themselves: What could be elements of our work? Basically, every region decides itself independently what parts of the 4-level approach will be realized and which materials will be used in a campaign. Thereto you need to clarify in your group what resources you have, what interests you have and what is realistic.

Please download a short overview on what to think of here.

You will receive materials (translated in many languages) and support by the national chapters and the coordination centre. is a brand and initiative of the European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD).

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